Kylie Jenner Tips Lucky Kids' Lemonade Stand $100

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When life gives you lemons, set up shop in Kylie Jenner's neighborhood.

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The 18-year-old reality star stopped by a local lemonade stand with a pal on Saturday, making some young entrepreneurs the luckiest kids on the block -- and of course she documented the whole thing on Snapchat.

"Thank you," Jenner says in the first snap, handing the young cashier her initial $6 payment. "Thank you. Have a good day," the boy replies, taking the money before running off with his pal. "Wait, we want our lemonade!" Kylie shouts after them from the car.

The kids clearly came back to deliver on the transaction, and the Kylie Lip Kit creator expressed her gratitude in spades. "Here you go," Jenner says as she hands another boy a $100 bill in exchange for their beverages. "We love you!"

And while the boys certainly knew how to hustle for tips, it seems their product could have used some work. "I think this is just Crystal Light water," the social media maven laughed to the camera in the last snap, obviously still pleased with her purchase.

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While Jenner literally paid it forward with her good deed, just one day later she fell victim to a vicious Twitter hack. See what Kylie had to say about the vulgar hack in the video below.

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