EXCLUSIVE: New Kids on the Block's Joey McIntyre Goes to Prom and Adorably Shares His First Dance With a Stars

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It’s the moment every boy band fan dreams of – a romantic and cozy slow-dance with their idol!

One lucky New Kids on the Block fan got to do just that as youngest member Joey McIntyre finally got to experience his first prom during the group’s annual fan cruise.

In our sneak preview from Wednesday night’s episode of Pop TV’s Rock This Boat reality series, Donnie Wahlberg reveals that his blue-eyed bandmate never attended prom due to NKOTB’s exploding popularity at the time.

"Joey McIntyre never got to go to his prom, so we found a fan who never went to hers either," Donnie says. "And Joey has decided that she will be his prom queen."

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Invited onstage by her idol, British superfan Laurie Lamb is clearly shell-shocked at the surprise.

"Holy sh*t, he’s talking to me! Am I dreaming?" she questions, taking the stage to dance with McIntyre to Spandau Ballet’s "True."

"It was very sweet," McIntyre told ET at the Tower Cancer Research Foundation's Ante Up for a Cancer Free Generation poker tournament on Saturday. "They don’t have proms in London, but that girl never had her dance and I didn’t either, so it was cool to share that. And I love that song and alternative ‘80s music, so that theme really spoke to me!"

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An ‘80s prom is one of many theme nights the group have held during eight cruises, and while it may seem the boy band have fun-at-sea down to a fine art, the 43-year-old, married father of three confesses that they become incredibly apprehensive leading up to each event.

"We’re like five old ladies on email, all nervous about making it great and figuring out what we’re going to do," McIntyre admitted. "We just don’t want to let the fans down or let ourselves down!"

See more of NKOTB's adventures at sea on Rock This Boat, Wednesdays 8P/7c on Pop TV.

See what the band get up to backstage in the video below: