Justin Bieber's 'Company' Music Video Features a Lot of Shirtlessness and Only a Little Crying


Justin Bieber is ready to show off his tender side -- plus lots of skin -- in his music video for "Company."

The docu-style visual -- shot by Bieber's "personal videographer" -- provides a behind-the-scenes look at him recording his album, embarking on his world tour, and the many, many places he's been shirtless in the past year.

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Biebs is embracing his emotional side too, as he included the clip -- at the 30-second mark -- of him bursting into tears while singing "I'll Show You" during a concert in Los Angeles last year.

"I've been having a lot of cries lately," he previously opened up to ET. "Good cries, bad cries, just all around being emotional. I think it just shows how much I care. I care about this project so much and I've put my heart and soul into it...It's been an amazing roller coaster ride. Sometimes good days, sometimes bad days, but overall it's been pretty awesome."

Fun fact: The "Watch Now!" annotation on the "Company" video is for Selena Gomez's new video, "Kill Em With Kindness."


Even YouTube is like, #Jelena4Ever!

Bieber has been busy lately: not only does he kick off the second leg of his Purpose World Tour soon, but he released his very own line of emojis, called Justmoji. Check out the best ones in the video below.