Two 'Captain America' Fans Got Engaged in Front of Sebastian Stan and His Reaction Is Priceless


Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan got the surprise of a lifetime when a fan turned a photo-op into a wedding proposal!

North Carolina natives John Felix, 33, and his girlfriend Natasha Marrero, 23, traveled all the way to the Wizard World Philadelphia fan convention over the weekend after Stan was announced as a guest for the event.

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After taking a joke picture with Stan, featuring Marrero in an embrace with the actor as Felix pretended to sulk in the corner, Felix shocked everyone by getting down on one knee and presenting Marrero with an engagement ring.

The whole thing was captured on camera and posted on Marrero's Tumblr.

"Needless to say Sebastian was as shocked and excited as I was since he took out his phone and recorded everything," Marrero wrote. "This could not have been a more perfect trip!"

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In a later post, Marrero continued to gush that Stan is her favorite celebrity.

"Sebastian Stan is one of the most genuinely kind people I've ever met, who is truly appreciative of his fans," she wrote." He was scheduled to do autographs at 3:45 today. While on break walking around, he saw a bunch of his fans in line already waiting around 1:45, so he came up and said, 'You guys want some autographs?!' and sat down with no security guard or staff around. He remembered us from yesterday and got super excited, hugged us both and congratulated us after we told him he's invited to the wedding."

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The day also happened to be Felix and Marrero's one-year anniversary!