Chris Evans Shares His 'Hilarious' 1998 Internship Cover Letter

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Chris Evans was dedicated to an acting career even as a teenager.

The 34-year-old Captain America: Civil War star shared a throwback cover letter he sent out to casting directors in 1998, in hopes of landing an internship in New York City. A then 17-year-old Evans kept it super formal in his letter, talking about his "intense passion for theatre."

"Since my weekdays will be open I was hoping to arrange an internship in the city allowing someone to take advantage of a hardworking individual like me, in exchange for a tremendous opportunity to be exposed to the business side of theatre," Evans wrote, who was still a high school junior at the time.

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The action star has fond memories of his hustle trying to make it in the business.

"Wow. My dad found the letter I sent to DOZENS of casting directors during my junior year. Hilarious. #bestsummerever," he tweeted.

Of course, the letter paid off. Evans shared that it did in fact land him an internship.

"And the resume/headshot I sent along with it is BEYOND humiliating," he joked. "Truly comical. Luckily it did somehow lead to an internship. #dumbluck."

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We would say it's much more than luck that landed Evans his highly coveted role as Captain America. In April, the actor talked to ET about getting in shape to play the iconic superhero, and revealed how he suffered a pretty intense arm injury on set during one memorable scene, when he tries to stop a helicopter from taking off.

"That was in the first week of filming. And I actually messed up my arm doing it, I really did," Evans shared. "It's a fake helicopter, obviously, but it was drifting beyond the ability of control. I tweaked a little something. To this day, I'm still messed up."

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