'Real O'Neals' Star Noah Galvin Slams Colton Haynes, Eric Stonestreet & More, Immediately Apologizes for 'Hurt

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The Real O'Neals actor Noah Galvin sat down for an interview with Vulturerecently, and things went about as badly as they possibly could have. So badly, in fact, that he's already issued a lengthy apology for his "brazen and hurtful" comments.

The 22-year-old actor, who plays a gay teenager on the ABC family sitcom and is openly gay himself, created controversy when he decided to badmouth a number of other actors and Hollywood execs, and took to social media to start walking things back.

"The entire interview I gave to Vulture has hurt the LGBTQ community and the industry I feel truly fortunate to be a part of," Galvin wrote in a statement he shared to Instagram on Thursday.

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Some of Galvin's more incendiary comments were directed toward former Arrow star Colton Haynes. Earlier this year, Haynes addressed rumors regarding his sexuality and opened up about being a gay actor in Hollywood.

Galvin, who called Haynes "the worst" when asked about him, slammed the 27-year-old star for alluding to being gay without actually saying it outright.

"That's not coming out. That's f**king p***y bulls**t. That's like, enough people assume that I sleep with men, so I'm just going to slightly confirm the fact that I've sucked a d**k or two. That's not doing anything for the little gays but giving them more masturbation material," he said.

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"To Colton Haynes and to the LGBTQ youth, especially those who have embraced our show, I have no right to dictate how or when anybody comes out of the closet," Galvin wrote in his apology. "I know how difficult and scary the process of coming out can be, and the last thing I would ever want to do is make it scarier. For anyone."

Haynes responded to the comments made in the interview with a strongly-worded statement he shared to Instagram hours after Galvin posted his apology.

"It's extremely ironic that only a month ago I was tweeting this kid & saying that he should win an Emmy for his work. Then today he returns the favor by calling me a pu**y & and the worst to the entire world," Haynes wrote.

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The outspoken actor, who says he's never met Galvin, said the hurtful comments were "uncalled for and quite frankly embarrassing.”

"Shouldn't we all be supporting each other? Enjoy all of your success. You're young kid… hopefully you'll eventually learn a thing or two. Good luck. I'll seeya around," he concluded, signing the statement "Colton P**sy Haynes."

Galvin also slammed actor Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron Tucker on Modern Family, calling Stonestreet's portrayal of a gay man "a caricature of a caricature of a stereotype of stereotype."

"He's a straight man in real life," the Real O’Neals star explained, "And as hilarious as that character is, there's a lack of authenticity. I think people -- especially young gay kids -- they can laugh at it, and they can see it as a source of comedy, but like, nothing more than that."

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Galvin's most controversial comments were directed toward X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer, who faced allegations of sex abuse in a 2014 lawsuit. A court dismissed Singer from the suit, which the accuser dropped soon after. Vulture has since removed Galvin's comments about Singer from the article.

"I sincerely apologize to Bryan Singer for the horrible statement I made about him in the interview I gave," Galvin wrote in another Instagram statement. "My comments were false and unwarranted. It was irresponsible and stupid of me to make those allegations against Bryan, and I deeply regret doing so."

Galvin concluded his retraction and mea culpa with a promise to make wiser decisions when it comes to conducting himself in future interviews, writing, "I am new to this and will certainly commit to being more thoughtful and wiser as I navigate all of this moving forward."

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