Bindi Irwin Is Adorably Entering Her 'Rebellious' Phase

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Bindi Irwin is adorably gliding into her "rebellious" phase!

On Friday, the 17-year-old Dancing with the Stars winner Instagrammed a photo of herself behind a "do not enter"sign, proving that she has a bit of a wild side.

"Everyone always asked when my rebellious years would hit," she wrote. "Well, now you know."

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Barring this one "rebellious" moment, Bindi is a responsible teenage conservationist. She works at the Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia, where she lives with her mother and younger brother.

When she's not working, Bindi likes spending time with her boyfriend, Chandler Powell. She posted a sweet message to the wakeboarder on Instagram earlier this week, before she headed back home to Australia.

"[Three] weeks of adventure everywhere from LA to the Oregon Coast. I miss your puns and hugs but I'll see you again in a couple months. I hope your trip to Kansas is wonderful," she wrote.

Find out more about the Bindi’s boyfriend in the video below.