Laila Ali Honors Father Muhammad Ali With A Heartfelt Post Following His Funeral

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Laila Ali continues to pay tribute to her father, the late Muhammad Ali, after the famous boxer and humanitarian died last week at age 74.

The 37-year-old undefeated boxing champion took to social media on Saturday to post a heartfelt message following her father's funeral.

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"Thanks for all of the love and support that has always been given to my father and my family! I truly appreciate all of your messages and condolences!" she wrote in the Facebook post, which accompanied a collage of photos of Ali as a young man. "I know wherever you are, you are surrounded by LOVE & LIGHT!" the caption read.

Laila spoke to ET
ahead of the funeral about the "special connection" she shared with her father. "We all had a connection with our father, but mine, unlike any other, because we both did the same thing. We've both been hit upside the head, and hit some people upside the head, and it's a whole different thing," she explained.

"We've bumped heads over the years. But at the same time, we had so much respect for one another, and like I said, that's something I'll cherish and always respect with my father."

Ali's funeral was held on Friday in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and was attended by thousands of mourners including celebrities and preachers from a number of different faiths.

Actor Will Smith, who portrayed Ali in the biopic of his life, spoke with ET about his experience serving as a pallbearer in the funeral procession.

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"It's absolutely beautiful. We did a two-hour procession through the state ... the outpouring of love," Smith told ET's Nischelle Turner exclusively. "I learned a really valuable lesson about how the moment of the end of a life illuminates how it was lived. And every day you have to focus and concentrate on making sure you're living your life in a way that it illuminates the things you want illuminated, and the things that were illuminated today were his love, and his heart, and his unconditional appreciation for all people of every race and color."

See what else Smith had to say in the video below.