North West Turns 3! Celebrate by Looking Back on Her 16 Biggest Moments of the Past Year

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North West seems to have skipped the terrible twos and moved straight to whatever age you become a sassy diva queen.

Kim Kardashian West and husband Kanye West's daughter turned three on Wednesday, and it's been a year of milestones for Kimye's first born. Nori really came into her own this year and made her presence in the Kardashian brand -- we mean, family -- known.

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Here are 16 of North's most memorable moments from being two years old.

1. She made her Snapchat debut -- and was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED.

2. But eventually came around and embraced Snapchat as another medium to connect with her fans...

...and quickly established her presence as the Queen of Snapchat. Those are some great filter choices for a 2-year-old!

How old does Nori need to be to get her own Snap? Probably like, four, right?

3. But remember: North gets photographed only when she wants to be photographed.

4. North made sure Yeezy knew who was boss.

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5. And sufficiently put her mom in her place.

6. And turned Kimberly Noel Kardashian, reality star, tech enthusiast and purveyor of nude selfies till she dies, into a soccer mom.

7. She made her debut on the Kardashian Khristmas Kard.

To be fair, it's hardly a legitimate Kardashian Christmas card -- those seem to have ended in 2013. But it's better than nothing, we guess. Hopefully this year, North will organize a full-on family photo, with random mannequin arms and wigs and sequins and all those other holly, jolly holiday staples.

8. She also got her very own Kimoji.

Now you can send your friends Nori's stank face! It's right there, somewhere between Kim twerking on a stripper pole and a close-up of a butt with a mobile phone stuck between the cheeks!

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9. She established a peace treaty between the U.S. and Cuba.

Well, she vacationed in Cuba, but the rest is technicalities or whatever.

10. She attended the Troop Beverly Hills-themed party of your dreams.

Even though she was born 24 years after the movie came out and probably hasn't even it! Does North West even appreciate Shelley Long? DOES SHE?

11. She established her squad.

12. And met Ellen DeGeneres.

No word on whether Ellen made it into North's #squad. Seems like no... Awkward...

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13. She realized she could turn a hobby into a career.

14. And established a client base of the who's who.

North is already on her way to becoming a financially independent woman and she's only three. Good luck paying off your student loans!

15. She wore a $3,500 fur coat because she's NORTH "SWAG" WEST.

16. And ascended to the throne as our rightful and true American princess.

Cinderella, who? Sleeping Beauty, bye! Happy birthday, Princess Nori! May all peasants kiss your feet on this most special day!

Now, behold North's best photo of all time and find out why she's giving Kim the sassiest side-eye in the video below.