Remember 'Hot Mugshot Guy'? Check Out His First Modeling Photos Since Being Released From Prison!

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Jeremy Meeks was released from federal prison and is now posting shirtless pics on the Gram! Yay!

Proving the Internet has no chill and even less shame, "Hot Mugshot Guy" became a thing back in 2014, with everyone collectively lusting over his piercing baby blues, his chiseled jawline and his -- uhhhhhhhhhhhh -- teardrop tattoo.

Here's the guy's hot mugshot, to jog your horny memory:

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His name is Jeremy Meeks and, according to The Los Angeles Times, he was "sentenced in Feb. 2015 to two years in federal prison for a weapons violation." After serving a year, this convicted felon is officially out of the clink and posting shirtless pics on the Gram! Yay!

While still on the inside, the 32-year-old married father of three signed to a modeling agency, White Cross Management -- who has his literal mugshot displayed in the talent section on their website.

Meeks' manager tells the Times that the model citizen model has "a multitude of offers on the table."

Meeks was released from prison earlier this year and posted a photo with his manager, writing, "I want to thank my family and everybody for all your love, support and prayers. I'm overwhelmed and grateful for what lies ahead. I'm ready."

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