Jay Leno Returns to 'Tonight Show' to Tag in for Jimmy Fallon During Monologue


It's like he never left!

Jay Leno suited up for his return to The Tonight Show on Wednesday night and helped Jimmy Fallon out with his opening monologue. "I think I might have pulled something on that last joke. I'm not sure I can go on," the late-night host set up the switch. "But this is the Tonight Show, we must go on. I need someone to tag in for me."

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Leno -- who's been promoting his new show, Jay Leno's Garage -- then showed up to finish Fallon's monologue, which included jokes about the election, presidential candidate Donald Trump and the economy.

The former Tonight Show host tagging in for Fallon seems to be an annual recurrence. Last October, Leno did the same thing after Fallon claimed he "pulled a hammy" during a joke. "I don't think I can continue," the host said at the time. "But of course, here at The Tonight Show, the monologue has to go on. So, I think I'm gonna have to sub out. Can someone tag in for me please?"

Both times Leno has taken over the monologue, he's ended with "the economy is so bad" jokes. "It's so bad I saw four mafia guys eating at the Olive Garden. That's bad!" the 66-year-old comedian exclaimed on Wednesday night. "The economy is so bad that I turned on the Biggest Loser, saw my 401K."

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Leno may have left the show in 2014, but he's definitely still got it!

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