Bobby Brown Responds to Whitney Houston's Mother Calling His Interview 'Disturbing,' Wants to Reconnect With H

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Bobby Brown says he would like to have a relationship with his former in-laws.

After the 47-year-old singer opened up to Robin Roberts on 20/20 about the deaths of his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, and their daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, the late singer’s mother, Cissy Houston, called the interview "disturbing."

"Although the interview was supposed to promote HIS autobiography [Every Little Step: My Story], he never spoke about his parents and siblings and any issues they might have or have had that impacted and may continue to impact on Every Little Step he takes," Houston said in a statement to People. "Instead he chose to concentrate his comments primarily on Whitney. I can't help but wonder why."

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"Whether I would have chosen Bobby for my daughter's husband is not important because the choice was not mine to make," she continued. "She loved him and I believe him when he says he loved her. I only wish he had loved and respected her enough to make some of the negative statements about her and Krissi while Whitney was alive and able to respond from her perspective."

On Wednesday, Brown sat down with Larry King and responded to his former mother-in-law's comments. "I think Ms. Houston is going through the same thing I’m going through," he said, adding that he has "reached out several times" to his ex-wife's family.

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"But there’s no love lost from me," he insisted. "I respect and love that whole family and I’d hope that they know that. But my life has to go on and I’d like to stay well."

During his 20/20 interview, Brown was quite candid about his troubled relationship with the late Whitney Houston, even addressing the couple's drug use and allegations that he was abusive towards the singer. "They've said that, you know, I've harmed Whitney. That I was violent towards her," he recounted. "It was just lies. I've never been a violent man towards a woman. Ever."

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In an interview with ET last year, Houston opened up about her daughter's marriage to Brown. "My baby tried. She did. She just had the wrong partner, you know?" she said. "Whitney was a very soft and easy person... She was kind. She was free-hearted. All of that, and sometimes people didn't treat her nice."