Amber Rose Says Twerking for Her 3-Year-Old Son Is Their 'Bonding Moment'


Amber Rose says her 3-year-old son "loves it" when she twerks for him.

The 32-year-old self-proclaimed extreme feminist stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday and hilariously revealed how her own mother -- or muva -- first inspired her to shake it for her son, Sebastian.

"One day my mom was like, 'Hey, Am, do your little booty shaking thing.' Like, she doesn't say twerk, whatever," Rose explained. "I did it and my son was right there and he fell on the floor, like cracked up laughing. Like, just crying laughing."

"So, now I twerk for him all the time and he loves it," she said. "Like, that's our bonding moment."

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Rose also discussed why she doesn't want to be put on Best Dressed lists, saying, "My team gets so mad at me, because I'm like, 'Yes! I made it on a Worst Dressed list!' And it's so awesome, because I don't like to conform to society norms...Usually I just really don't give a s**t."

She specifically commented on this iconic outfit from the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards:


"I was like, super fat. I just had my baby and I didn't give a s**t," she said with a shrug. "I wanted to show off my post-baby body."

Rose herself will join the ranks of late-night hosts when she gets her own show this summer on VH1. Get more scoop on the series and find out why she's promising to "redefine late-night" in the video below.