Demi Lovato Throws Shade at 'Nasty' Mariah Carey: 'This Woman Is Mean for No Reason'

Demi Lovato decides to get in the middle of Carey's ongoing feud with Jennifer Lopez.

Demi Lovato is certainly not afraid to speak her mind on social media, but now her public opinions have landed her in the middle of someone else's drama.

On Thursday, the 23-year-old singer officially inserted herself into Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey's long-standing feud via Instagram.

WATCH: Mariah Carey Throws Shade at Jennifer Lopez on 'Watch What Happens Live'

Although the diva face-off has been talked about a LOT over the years, it had remained pretty dormant until Lovato stepped in this week and sided with Lopez.

When Lovato came across a post that alluded to the fact that Ariana Grande was nothing more than a Carey wannabe, she decided to speak up and throw a little shade at the "We Belong Together" singer.

"You got it the wrong way around honey," she wrote (and has now deleted) on the original side-by-side photo of Carey and Grande posted by The Art of Shade account.

A few minutes later, Lovato decided to reveal her true feelings about Carey and defend Lopez in the process.

"Mariah is a legend and is so talented but consistently disses people," Lovato wrote and later deleted. "It's nasty the way she treats Jennifer. Ari did nothing wrong."

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This isn't the first time that Lovato has remarked on the rivalry between these two divas. Earlier this month, she commented on another Instagram post, which was a video snippet of Lopez talking about the feud and showed her solidarity with her friend.

"This is why I posted what I did. Jen keeps it classy but I'm not afraid to say s**t," Lovato commented on Thursday.

"The woman is mean for no reason. Extremely talented? Yes. Superhuman? Possibly. Unnecessarily rude? Absolutely," she added.

Watch Carey claim she doesn't know Lopez in the video below.