Jennifer Lopez Reveals She Had Insecurities About Her Curves, Thought She 'Wasn't Thin Enough'

The triple-threat star says even she didn't always feel confident in her body.

Jennifer Lopez admits that she even she didn't always feel confident in her body.

The triple-threat star tells the U.K. magazine DARE that there was a time when she was bothered by how she looked. "It's hard to avoid comparing yourself to others, and I’ve definitely been guilty of it myself," she says. "I remember thinking I wasn’t thin enough because I had curves."

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Lopez says she now feels great about her bodacious bod. "I’ve learned that being healthy and feeling great aren’t about having one specific body type; it’s a completely individual thing," the 46-year-old star adds. "Feeling beautiful is an attitude, and we should all look for the beautiful things we love about ourselves, regardless of how our bodies compare to someone else."

She also discloses what she does on those days when she's not feeling so great. "When my confidence is lagging, I dance," Lopez shares. "There’s something about seeing what my body is capable of and feeling the endorphin rush that comes with a good dance session that really helps boost my mood. I still consider myself a dancer at heart, and I love it!"

In addition, the mother of two reveals the advice she would give her teenage self. "Love yourself! Stop spending so much time worrying about what others think about you," she exclaims. "Because when you love yourself and you’re happy, that’s reflected in your whole body, and that’s what makes you truly beautiful. And always use a good moisturizer!"

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Lopez also revealed to ET the cheap beauty secret she follows every single day. Check it out: