Rosie O'Donnell Reunites With Previously Estranged Daughter Chelsea -- See the Sweet Pics

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Looks like Rosie O'Donnell and her daughter, Chelsea, have put their differences behind them.

Both Rosie and 18-year-old Chelsea were all smiles at the 2nd Annual Fran Drescher Cancer Schmancer Sunset Cabaret Cruise in New York City on Monday, posing together alongside Rosie's 13-year-old daughter, Vivienne. The event marks the first sighting of the two since they hit a highly publicized rough patch in their relationship last year.

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Rosie and Chelsea had a falling out last August, after Rosie said that her daughter decided she wanted to live with her birth mother, Deanna Micoley. But Chelsea claimed that Rosie kicked her out, then lied about her being missing and mentally ill. A spokeswoman for Rosie said in a statement at the time that "Chelsea, like millions of people, lives with mental illness."

"I have a daughter who's in a crisis," Rosie told ET in November at her 12th annual Theater Kids' Gala Celebration in New York City. "Any mother or father who's ever had a child in crisis, they know it's upsetting until your child is once again safely on the shore and not in [the] rapids. Sadly, right now, Chelsea seems to be in the rapids and her family loves her and misses her."

"For over a decade, we've all been invested in trying to find the right kind of safety net, for Chelsea to feel all the love that life has to offer," she added. "I'm hoping that one day, she realizes and when she does fall, we will catch her regardless."

But in a statement that Chelsea's rep exclusively gave to ET in November, Chelsea denied she had mental illness.

"Do I have a mental illness? No, but I do have a disease I suffer from and it is called depression and another called anxiety, like so many millions of others out there," the statement read.

She also referred to her adopted mother as "Rosie."

"A part of my heart will always care for Rosie, but many things she has done to me over the past few months are unforgivable at the present. Some things just take time, if ever," the statement continued.

… Though now it looks like they're at least off to a good start!

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