EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Handler Tried to Guilt Jenny Mollen Into Shark Diving, So She Sent Husband Jason Biggs Alo

The star's new book, 'Live Fast, Die Hot,' is out now.

Jenny Mollen’s new book, Live Fast, Die Hot, chronicles all the insane adventures she’s had since becoming a mom in 2014.

“It's basically about a woman who falls in love with a man for the first time in her life, and she's doing everything in her power to sabotage that relationship,” Jenny tells ET. “That's pretty much what it is. It's like a high-voltage, postpartum rom com."

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Those stories includes her trip to South America with Chelsea Handler to take ayahuasca, a powerful, hallucinogenic drug. The whole thing was featured on Chelsea’s Netflix docuseries, Chelsea Does…

“Yes, you can watch me vomit and, like, sh*t at the same time,” Jenny teases. “And cry my eyes out.”

But that’s not Jenny and Chelsea’s only crazy adventure together. Jenny shared another story when she dropped by ET for Facebook Live.

“Well, that was pretty crazy,” Jenny admits, “but after we did ayahuasca, we were in a van heading back to the airport in Lima, [Peru], and she's like, 'Oh! I got an email. Do you want to go great white shark diving in a month off of Rosarito?' And I'm just like, 'Yeah! Totally. I wanna do that! That would be amazing.'”

“So, I signed up, she signed up,” Jenny explains. “And slowly but surely, pieces of information about this trip were revealed to me. And Michael Domeier, the guy -- he's like from Shark Week. He's that guy that you see in every shark episode of any shark show ever. He's like, 'Well, the accommodation, you know, it's a science boat.' Science boat! Right there, that's a red flag … You're in like a weird bunk, probably getting lice.”

“Then he proceeded to tell me that the food was 'comfort food,’ and I would be gaining weight,” she recalls. “Also a problem for me. And then he said the journey out was 36 hours, across the Pacific to an island, where there was no other access, and there was no wifi … I can't exist where there isn't Twitter!

“So, I pulled out of the trip,” the author confesses. “I called Chelsea, I was like, 'I'm not going on this trip. I can't do it. I can't leave my son.' That's how I framed it, ‘I can't leave my child that long.’ It's terrible.”

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“‘I mean, if you want me to do drugs with you again, I'm totally willing to do that, but I'm not going to be away from my child,’” Jenny jokes. “So, I pulled out of it and she's like, 'Ah! I can't believe you're not doing this. Look, it doesn't sound like the greatest trip. We committed to it. We have to go. I'm going. I think it's, like, really sh*tty that you're pulling out.'”

“Then two days later, she's like, ‘I'm out, too,’” Jenny says. “So, then [my husband] Jason [Biggs] went alone.”

“We shipped Jason off to the sharks off of Guadalupe Island,” she shares. “You know what we got out of it? Now, Jason tagged a shark, and that shark's name is Sid Biggs.”

Sid Biggs also happens to be the name of Jenny and Jason’s 2-year-old son.

“[The shark] is hopefully not going to eat somebody,” Jenny says. “I just don't want there to be a headline someday saying, 'Sid Biggs Mauled a German Tourist Off the Coast of Lanai.'”

Though, Jenny admits that headline could be about her son, too, revealing, “I have some bite marks from the real Sid Biggs right now.”

Read more of Jenny’s adventures in Live Fast, Die Hot, out now.