JK Rowling, Lindsay Lohan and More Celebs React to Brexit Vote-- Britain Leaving the European Union

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The United Kingdom made history on Thursday, when they voted to "Brexit" the European Union, to the shock of many around the world.

The referendum result -- which saw a 33 million voter turn out, with U.K. media outlets reporting a 52 to 48 percent decision in favor of the exit --
was announced early Friday morning, and the British pound hit its lowest level since 1985. Prime Minister David Cameron also resigned.

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Following the monumental news, a slew of celebrities took to Twitter to express their shock over Brexit.

"I can't get my head around what's happening in Britain," Late Late Show host James Corden tweeted. "I'm so sorry to the youth of Britain. I fear you've been let down today."

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Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling also tweeted following the news, writing: "I don't think I've ever wanted magic more." She later added: "Goodbye, UK."

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan -- who's been living in London -- was live tweeting as the decision came down but later deleted those messages. "Good luck with the pound," one tweet read. "Will take you about 15 years to get it back up #REMAIN instead."

From pop star Ellie Goulding to Veep's Hugh Laurie, take a look at how other stars are reacting to Brexit.

Ellie Goulding: "Heartbroken to hear the news. ...I truly believe this is one of the most devastating things to happen during my lifetime. I felt a fear I've never felt this morning."

Jaime King: "That was f**king intense UK. We are with you during this time."

Hugh Laurie: "Congratulations exiters. Reverse is across and down, easy on the clutch."

Michael Sheen: "Wales votes to trust a new and more right wing Tory leadership to invest as much money into its poorer areas as EU has been doing #EUref"

Lupe Fiasco: "Britain Leaves The EU, Colombia Ends Civil War and I got my VR headset...what a day!!!"

Ryan Seacrest: "Shocking news out of UK this morning. Definitely a day for the history books... #Brexit"

Boy George: "There's no use crying over spilt milk. We'll just ave to mek (sic) the best of it!"

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