Chris Pine Slams Superhero Diets, Reveals How He Bulked Up for 'Wonder Woman' Movie

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Chris Pine calls out Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth's superhero roles while chatting about what NOT to do when training for an action movie.

"You've got Thor, you've got Captain America," he tells Men's Fitness of the actors' Marvel characters. "These guys are eating 5,000, 7,000 calories, waking up just to eat food, eating 15 meals a day. For your liver, I don't think that's healthy."

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Pine bulked up for his role in the upcoming Wonder Woman but says he opted for a unorthodox way of training by enlisting Mark Wildman. The personal trainer had Pine swinging clubbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and sometimes even steel to get into fighting shape.

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"Before this, I was doing pretty traditional weightlifting," the 35-year-old actor explains. "With this workout, all of a sudden you start to float more. Even my friends used to make fun of the way I walked. I was walking in this rigid way, and it had a lot to do with having been an insecure kid trying to move protectively. Now, my body is moving in a more healthful way. It's because of Mark's process."

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While Pine's body is on point on the latest cover of Men's Fitness, he told ET that he has no plans of getting into the modeling industry. "The world of modeling fascinates me to know [but] is not for me," the Star Trek leading man -- who has appeared in Armani Code Profumo campaigns -- admitted. "Because with acting at least you have the barrier of lines and words and a character."

Pine added, "Often times, people are just looking about how fat or skinny [a person is]. I just couldn't deal with it. I don't have thick enough skin quite honestly."