EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Candid About Having More Kids and Battling Mom Guilt - 'That Is the Hardest

Jamie Lynn and her husband, also named Jamie, sit down with ET at home in Kentwood, Louisiana.

The Spears family may be growing!

As Jamie Lynn Spears is gearing up for a return to the spotlight with new music and a tell-all special on TLC, she's also focused on her marriage and family.

"My husband would like to have kids, like, yesterday," Jamie Lynn told ET, sitting down for an exclusive interview at home in Kentwood, Louisiana.

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"But for me, I think that having children is about timing, as well. I know that they always say, 'There is no right time to have a child, you know. Just have babies.' But I think right now that it's maybe a little selfish for me to have a child," she continued. "I am getting busy. I want to be able to do the same as what I have done with Maddie -- really just be a mom for a little bit and have that time to focus on my next child. But, yeah, we want more babies, of course."

Jamie Lynn's husband, Jamie Watson, politely disagrees about the whole timing thing.

"I've been wanting to have kids since the day we got married," he told ET, noting that they'd like to have "a bunch" of children.

"The time is right," he added with a smile. "It's always something with her career [and] I'm really busy, too. There's no good time to have a kid."

For now, Jamie Lynn is focused on building her country music career. The 25-year-old released a flirty new single, "Sleepover," on Friday.

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Jamie Lynn had just turned 17 when she welcomed daughter Maddie into the world in 2008. A teen actress on Nickelodeon's Zoey 101 at the time, Jamie Lynn packed up her life in Los Angeles and moved to Mississippi in an effort to escape the paparazzi and prepare for impending motherhood.

"I bought a house in the middle of nowhere, put up a big fence and said I was going to stay here in the middle of Mississippi, [and] go grow up. To figure out what kind of future I am going to create for my daughter," the singer recalled.

"I never want my age to be an excuse for her not to have the same exact childhood and the best mother that I can be," she continued. "[Maddie] doesn't care what age it is, as long as her mother is the mother that she supposed to be."

After splitting from Maddie's biological father for good in 2010, Jamie Lynn moved to Nashville, Tennessee, with her daughter to pursue a career in music. "I really just merged myself into the community. I was writing songs five days a week, meeting writers, guitar lessons, singing lessons. I wasn't really there to record an album or become a country singer," she said. "I was there to grow as an artist."

Jamie Lynn released her debut EP, The Journey, in 2014. One year later, she reached the Billboard Hot 100 chart as a songwriter with "I Got the Boy," recorded by Jana Kramer.

But like so many working mothers, Jamie Lynn still struggles to balance her roles at home and at work.

"I would have to say being a mother, any mother, it doesn't matter what your job is, you have guilt. You are always going to have guilt," she confessed. "My mom said, 'Trust me, the guilt is only going to get worse. Don't act like it is going to get better, it is only going to get worse. [But] you are doing this for your daughter.'”

"I think sometimes that is the hardest part, having to be away at times," she continued. "You feel like the worst mom in the world but at the same time, you have to go to work. That is the biggest thing, learning not to be so hard on yourself when you are doing something to better yourself."

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Jamie Lynn will welcome fans into her home and the studio in TLC’s Before the Lights Go Out, airing Sunday, June 26.

"It is scary any time you are around cameras. It makes you not only look at yourself but also, to bring cameras into your intimate space is very scary," she said. "For me, as long as I have the control and the story made sense and wasn't just the charade of watching me with a meaningless hour, I wanted to make sure it told the story right then it would be something that would be appropriate for my daughter."

Jamie Lynn says she's "happy" to have done the project, but don't expect to see a full-blown reality TV show following anytime soon.

"As of now, I would like to stay away from that. But it is one of those things, I would probably have said I would never have a one-hour documentary," she said. "The way it turned out and how beautifully it came together, I am so proud of it. ... You can't say never to anything. I have learned that lesson."

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