Baby Dory Obsessed? Here Are 9 Other Little Cartoon Characters That Are Equally Adorable

Pixar/Disney/Warner Bros. Animation

We still can't thank Pixar enough for blessing us with not just more Dory, but a baby version of her in Finding Dory. Seriously, just look at this face:


We. Know.

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Baby Dory isn't the first mini animated character to swim into our hearts, however. Whether they were featured in an entire series or popped up for just a fleeting moment, here are nine of our favorite big and small screen cartoon kids. (Don't worry, Dory -- you're still No. 1!)

1. Little Plucky -- Tiny Toon Adventures

Trust us, we are well aware of the fact that there are plenty of absolutely adorable characters and nostalgic moments from Tiny Toons, but just try to find one '90s kid who doesn't remember the joy of the Little Plucky shorts, where we got to witness a baby Plucky yelling, "Water go down the hole!" or "Blue ball! Blue ball!" Were these sexual innuendos? Probably. Do we care? Not even a little bit.

2. Fozzie -- Muppet Babies

From Kermit to Miss Piggy, all of the kid versions of the Muppets were precious, but a mini Fozzie trying his hand at stand-up? Priceless. Still, all of Fozzie's cohorts deserve a place on this list, if for no other reason than an excuse to listen to the Muppet Babies theme song over and over.

3. Baby Hercules -- Hercules

Little Herc was dad Zeus doppelganger, right down to those baby muscles. And if you don't swoon over his introduction to Pegasus, well, you have no heart. Or you don't believe in unicorns. Either way, we can't help you.

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4. Scooby-Doo -- A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

There have been so many iterations of the Mystery, Inc. gang that it's hard to keep up with them all, but this 1998 series is one of our favorites, thanks to the teen versions of our beloved ghost detectives -- but mostly for Scooby himself.

5. Fred Flintstone -- Flintstone Kids

He has a tiny tie! He high fives his BFF Barney! His purple pet dinosaur is an itty bitty version of Dino! His voice is really that of a grumpy grandpa from Brooklyn! Little Fred is just the best. Why did we ever go back to adult versions of the Flintstones?

6. Yogi Bear -- Yo Yogi!

The final incarnation of Hanna-Barbera's beloved Yogi Bear universe came to us over the course of just 13 episodes in 1991, and they featured Yogi, as well as his sidekick Boo-Boo and girlfriend Cindy Bear, as 14-year-old detectives. The intro alone is so '90s we can hardly contain ourselves.

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7. Baby Felix -- Baby Felix & Friends

The theme song literally goes "It's Felix. Felix as a baby, baby Felix. Meow." Seriously, we couldn't make that up if we tried. While it's a throwback to a golden time of cartoons, you really don't need more than the first 30 seconds to get your kitten fix. Precocious Felix is very sweet, though, so it doesn't hurt to watch him try to win over Baby Kitty.

8. Gadget Boy -- Gadget Boy & Heather

The Canadian TV series featured a bionic, kid version of Inspector Gadget. As explained in the pilot, Gadget Boy has "the mind of an adult detective in the body of a kid," complete with expandable objects popping out of a crime kit located in his head. This one may have been more creepy than cute, actually…

9. Quagmire -- Family Guy

The only time Quagmire's "giggity giggity" bit was cute and not creepy was during the Fox cartoon's Little Rascals parody in season three, where a 5-year-old version of the otherwise perverted character was back in elementary school with Peter, Brian, Joe, Cleveland, Mayor West, and Lois.

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