Rachel Roy Reveals Hair Care Secrets Following Beyonce 'Becky With the Good Hair' Drama

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Here's how Becky -- uh, we mean Rachel Roy -- got that good hair.

Following all the controversy over Beyoncé's Lemonade and accusations that the 42-year-old fashion designer was somehow involved with Jay Z, Roy gave her first major interview to Into the Gloss and opened up about her hair care regimen.

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Lest you think we're reading too much into this, Into the Gloss knew exactly what they were doing: though she discusses makeup, skincare and her "very chic" dentist, the article URL is "rachel-roy-hair."

Anyway, here's what Roy had to say about that good hair:

"I only colored my hair once, and I regretted it. You really have to make a commitment to maintain it. At that point, I just wanted to know what I would look like as a light brunette, but it wasn’t a good look for me. Now I go to Tracey Cunningham for a gloss, to brighten it, and then someone at her salon Mèche cuts it. On occasion, I do get oil treatments where they put oil on your scalp row by row and then massage you for 30 minutes. It’s amazing because my scalp gets dry. That’s why I only wash my hair about once a week. I’m a dry shampoo girl because of that. I can get a blowout to last me a whole week. If I get it styled, I like braids or a ponytail. I like it done really high and tight because it gives your face a little lift."

For the record, despite Instagramming "good hair don't care" on the same night Beyoncé dropped Lemonade, Roy later claimed there is "no truth to the rumors" that she and Jay Z had an affair.

Meanwhile, all three were in the same room for the first time following the "Becky with the good hair drama" at the CFDAs, where Bey accepted the Fashion Icon Award. Get the scoop in the video below.