EXCLUSIVE: Magic and Cookie Johnson Open Up About Supporting Kids EJ and Elisa Through Everything

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That Johnson family is one tight group -- and happy to tell you just that.

“We’re all really close,” EJ tells ET.

ET caught up with the whole family this week -- first, we chatted with mom Cookie and kids EJ and Elisa at Sunday night’s BET Awards. Then on Monday, EJ dropped by our studio to chat about his new show, EJNYC, before Cookie and Magic hit The Legend of Tarzan premiere in L.A. that night. Each time the Johnsons spoke with ET, they couldn’t help but rave over each other.

“I'm a proud mother,” Cookie gushed at the BET Awards. “I'm so happy [EJ] is out there doing his thing, no matter what the odds are, he's just being himself … and the world is loving it, and we love it.”

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“She’s always been my number one cheerleader,” EJ said of his mom. “It’s good to have her in my corner.”

“We gotta give EJ the credit, because he's really terrific,” Magic beamed at the Tarzan premiere. “That camera loves him, and now his baby sister, Elisa, is a breakout star as well … mommy manager over here has done a wonderful job.”

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“Yeah, [my sister and I] are very much free,” EJ confessed. “We’re very, you know, confident and fearless people, and we don’t really care what anyone thinks about the way we express ourselves. So, it’s really great that they’ve allowed us to kind of just go out in the world and make it our own.”

“I mean, EJ succeeded himself,” Cookie bragged. “He's making his own imprint, as he says. Getting out of daddy's shadow.”

“He’s been very supportive the entire way through,” EJ says of his basketball legend dad. “He knows what it’s like to live in the public eye, so I think that it’s great to kind of guide me throughout. But he really just let me handle it, and dive right in.”

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