Wendy Williams Bashes Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's Relationship, Calls Actor 'an Opportunist'

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Wendy Williams is definitely not a fan of Hiddleswift.

The 51-year-old host of The Wendy Williams Show made her thoughts known on Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's fast-moving relationship on Monday's "Hot Topics" segment of the show, when she bluntly criticized both.

"Apparently, they're getting serious -- I know, it's only been three weeks," Williams cracked as the audience laughed. "She's 26 -- that's old enough to understand, like, you don't show your feelings on your sleeve in three weeks, you know? And he's a thirty-something, but I suspect he's also a bit of an opportunist."

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Williams mused that 35-year-old Hiddleston is using Swift for her fame.

"First of all, he wants to be the next James Bond, and he's English -- I had never heard of this guy before. See, so how do you drum up votes? By getting on 'Hot Topics,'" Williams joked. "How do you get on 'Hot Topics'? By dating someone that we talk about."

Williams suspected that Swift actually called paparazzi to take the now infamous photos of the two kissing at her home in Rhode Island, and was especially incredulous that the singer introduced Hiddleston to her parents in Nashville only three weeks after dating.

"This is not good," Williams commented. "First of all, you don't want your parents counting your number, and honey child ... what you don't understand, whether you're a man or a woman -- every time you bring someone home -- your parents are like, 'That's number three.'"

"You only bring a person home that you really think something is going to be popping off with," she advised.

The outspoken host also had some harsh words for Swift's ex, Calvin Harris. Williams criticized the 32-year-old DJ/producer for apparently responding to fans on Instagram last week, saying Swift "controlled the media" and that he felt "free" after their breakup. The comments have since been deleted, and a source close to Harris told ET he did not write the comments.

"Calvin talking really girly about Taylor on the 'gram," Williams cracked. "Well, you know what, I totally believe that [Harris claiming he felt "free"] but you don't have to say it, Calvin. Go on with your life. You got what you needed from Taylor, which is to be on 'Hot Topics,' and so, Tom's got next."

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While Williams may not be a fan of Swift or Hiddleston, the "Shake It Off" singer does have one person firmly in her corner -- model Amber Rose, who recently defended Swift in an interview with The Daily Beast.

"I feel like guys do that all the time -- they break up and the next day, they're with another girl, and nobody really says anything," Rose pointed out. "But with Taylor it's, you know what, I'm done with Calvin and it didn't work out, so on to the next."

" ... It's just like, 'Hell no! If I'm done, why do I have to sit in the house and be lonely?'" she added.

Meanwhile, it appears Swift and Hiddleston still can't keep their hands off one another. The two hit the streets of Italy on Monday, holding hands and touring the Colosseum together, all while keeping their intense PDA going.

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