Maddie Ziegler Wants Jennifer Lawrence to Do a Sia Parody -- and She Has the Perfect Song in Mind

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While Maddie Ziegler is definitely Sia's muse, the 13-year-old dancer is looking to model her career after a certain A-list actress.

Ziegler reveals to Seventeen magazine that she's a big fan of Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. "She is an amazing actor and can do anything," the former Dance Moms star -- who's wearing a limited edition capsule collection from The Edit by Seventeen -- says. "She can be really quirky, and she’s so funny in interviews I’ve seen."

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Ziegler -- who's performed in numerous Sia music videos, including "Chandelier," "Elastic Heart," "Big Girls Cry" and "Cheap Thrills" -- has an idea as to how her and Lawrence's worlds could collide. "I’d love to see her do a Sia video parody," she suggests. "She would be amazing at 'Cheap Thrills'!"

In February, a source confirmed to ET that Ziegler would not be returning for the sixth season of Dance Moms. She tells Seventeen that working with Dance Moms instructor Abby Lee Miller was a stressful as it looks on TV.

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"[Miller] definitely exactly how she is on the show!" she admits. "But the thing that I like about her most is she can actually be funny sometimes. And she also wanted me to be good."


Ziegler says that all the attention from Miller sometimes put her at odds with her peers. "It’s nice that she paid a lot of attention to me, but it would be a little embarrassing because Abby would sometimes say, 'Maddie’s the best so you need to do the move like her,'" she shares. "And then my friends would get a little mad. And I understand that, because they just want to be themselves, not try to be me."

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She adds, "I feel like I had so much more pressure on me to be the best in the room."

According to ET's source, Ziegler is leaving Dance Moms to continue working with Sia. She's set to star in a film project written and directed by the 40-year-old pop star, titled Sisters.

"She's literally the sweetest person ever," Ziegler told ET. "I feel like I'm just so comfortable with her every time I'm with her. I never feel like, 'Oh my god, I'm hanging out with a celebrity.'"

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