Justin Bieber's Probation for Egg Throwing Incident Ends 30 Days Early

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Justin Bieber has finally done his time for that infamous egg throwing incident.

In July 2014, the 22-year-old pop star was ordered to serve two years of probation after he was charged with misdemeanor vandalism for chucking eggs at his Calabasas, California, neighbor's house in January of that same year. He was also ordered to pay $80,000 in damages and serve 40 hours of community service, which he did.

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On June 9, a Los Angeles judge ruled to terminate Bieber's probation, 30 days earlier than expected.

Following news of his probation termination, the "Sorry" singer shared a video of his impressive wakeboarding skills, adding yet another talent to the long list of things he's really good at. To put it in perspective, though, he did compare his wakeboarding experience to that of his friend, Martin Garrix, who is clearly not so great at the water sport.

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Bieber may also have been wakeboarding with a sprained ankle. Last Friday, he took to Instagram to break the news that he would not be performing in Cincinnati, Ohio, due to his injury. "Gonna be taking it easy tonight on stage sprained my ankle playing ball smh," he captioned a pic of his swollen ankle in a tub of ice.

The sprain came after he fell off the stage earlier this month while adjusting his pants during a concert in Saskatchewan, Canada. While the singer didn’t seem fazed by the spill -- tweeting "Great show tonight," after the concert -- he did take quite the nasty fall. Check it out: