JK Simmons Clarifies Real Reason Behind Those Super Jacked Gym Training Photos -- See What He Said!


Ellen Page's dad from Juno is cut as hell now, and says he's not going back.

A few weeks ago, photos feverishly made their way around the Internet of J.K. Simmons looking positively jacked while lifting weights at the gym, but the 61-year-old actor recently spoke to TheHuffington Post to dispel reports that his swole physique had anything at all to do with his appearance in the upcoming Justice League movie.

"That's a gigantic misconception," Simmons said. "I just like to work out now ... I'm not going to the gym because of Justice League."

WATCH: JK Simmons Is 61 and Super Jacked -- See the Pics!

"I'm just going to the gym because after the last time I got super fat and out of shape, I decided that I was done doing that,” the actor explained.

"For as long as I’m going to be on the planet — I’m going to try and take care of myself," the Oscar winner added. "So that's pretty much coincidental [to Justice League]."

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Simmons stars as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming superhero mega movie, due out in Summer 2017, which the actor told ET in April feels "intimidating" to play. But obviously his fitness goals come from within!

Watch the video below to get super strong-spired by more shots of Simmons' work, work, work, work, work ethic.

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