Priyanka Chopra on Dating and Her Style Mantra: 'If You're Not Confident, You're Never Going to Be Sexy'

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Priyanka Chopra gracesInStyle's August cover as a high-fashion Gucci mermaid. The Quantico star opened up to the magazine about her personal style aesthetic and her deep-rooted point of view on dating.

"I shop at high-end stores, but I wear the pieces like they’re from the street," she said. "Success should always be worn like a T-shirt, not a tuxedo. That’s when it’s fun."


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"The same is true of fashion. If you’re not comfortable, you’ll never look confident," the 33-year-old actress added. "If you’re not confident, you’re never going to be sexy."

Prior to taking over the small screen in the States, she starred in over 50 Indian movies and was crowned Miss World in 2000.

"It's just math. If you're not afraid of working hard, of being a candle that’s burning on both ends, and you’re still going, going, going … then you can't be denied," she explained about her success.

And when it comes to dating, she stays true to her cultural traditions.

"I'll stay single until I’m married. I've always believed that. I want to be with somebody who has drive but doesn’t take himself too seriously," she revealed. "I don’t like people who are caged within how life should be. Life is transient, and it's a journey, and I want to be with somebody who can see that."

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"I’ve never dated. I’ve always been in relationships," she continued, explaining how in her Indian culture people court, they don't date. "It's very different. You like someone, you court each other, you get into a relationship. You're answerable to each other. Whereas the non answerability of dating, my god, I don’t know if I would ever be able to. I've never done it, so I don't know."

As for now, Chopra has her sights set on season two of Quantico.

"She's grown a lot in season one, so I want to see what is expected of her," she told ET earlier this month about her FBI character, Alex. "She's smart, she's intelligent, she's bad ass, she kicks ass."

For more on Chopra's role in Quantico watch the video below:

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