Serena Williams Opens Up About Outburst Ahead of Wimbledon Victory: 'I Was Just Really, Really, Really Angry'

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Serena Williams is speaking out about her racket-slamming outburst during her match at Wimbledon on Friday.

During her second-round match against Christina McHale -- which she later won -- Williams slammed her racket into the court five times before tossing it behind her. The racket slid through grass, landing in the lap of a cameraman positioned in the photo pit.

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"I was just really, really, really angry," Williams explained to the Guardian. "She just was playing great. I was a little disappointed in myself at that point."

This isn't first time the 34-year-old tennis pro has taken her frustrations out on the court. "I've cracked a number of rackets throughout my career," she explained in a press conference post-game.

But she has also learned to have a sense of humor about it, joking, "I try to crack a certain [amount of rackets] a year. I'm a little behind this year, so it was good."

Cracking rackets may be a great self-confidence booster, as Williams revealed that she's now on top of her game. "I know mentally, no one can break me. I'm ready for it. I'm ready for any challenge," she said.

Williams takes full responsibility for every match -- including last year's loss at the U.S. Open.

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Last fall, people started blaming her rumored fling, Drake, for bringing bad juju to her game against Roberta Vinci during the U.S. Open, but Williams recently told Glamourthat pointing blame at the Canadian rapper wasn't "fair." "I'm the one who's playing, who's making mistakes or making winners," she explained." I'm not one to blame anyone else for anything. And I don't think anyone else should either. I played a really good opponent that day. And I wasn't at my best."

See what else she had to say about Drake in the video below.

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