Meow! Channing Tatum Makes a Catty, Topless Appearance on Snapchat

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Stop what you're doing and check Snapchat!

If ever there were a reason to join Snapchat, this is it.

Channing Tatum made a rare appearance on the social media app on Tuesday, and while it wasn’t quite the Magic Mike scene we had hoped for, the hunky actor did lose his shirt (and gain a cat) for the occasion.

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Tatum, 36, made a cameo on wife Jenna Dewan Tatum’s account, posing shirtless with a filter that placed a cat around his head.

“Ok this filter actually made him snapchat,” Jenna captioned the snap.


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Having joined the social media craze in March, the Step Up actress seems to be loving the app and has treated fans of her hot hubby to swoon-worthy peeks inside their life.

First it was adorable snaps of the Hail, Caesar! star cuddling the family dog, Lulu. Then in May, Jenna shared enviable photos of him removing her nail polish, then blowing her new pedicure dry!

The lovefest doesn’t end there. See the actor paying tribute to his wife in the video below.