Nick Young Almost Blew Himself Up With Fireworks

Getty Images

Amid speculation that Nick Young cheated on his ex-fiancee Iggy Azalea, snapchats suggest that he cheated death over the holiday weekend.

The Los Angeles Laker was partying at his L.A. home during a Fourth of July celebration when he picked up a lit firework with his bare hand.

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In a Snapchat posted by TMZ, Swaggy P is seen holding the artillery round over his head as it explodes. Fortunately, when the dust cleared, it appeared as though Young emerged unharmed.

This comes a year after Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul injured his hand in a similar mishap in a Fourth of July fireworks accident. Pierre-Paul lost one finger and mangled another in the incident, prompting him to record a PSA in which he detailed what happened during his accident.

"I lit up a firework, thought I could throw it away real quick and in a split second blew off my whole hand just right there," he says in the video. "On the way to the hospital, all I could do is think about my son and was I going to make it? Now I'm just truly, truly blessed to be alive. Now when I look at fireworks I think about the safety."

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Despite the injury, Pierre-Paul was able to return to the Giants for his one-year franchise deal.

Last week, Young seemed to respond to Azalea's cheating allegations against him in a tweet, writing, "If you perfect then be perfect. I live in a world where ppl f**k up learn from it and move on...That's life hate me or love me I'm still going to love life man."