EXCLUSIVE: Celine Dion Talks Hot New Style, Thanks Fans for Their Support Following Husband's Death

The 48-year-old singer dishes on her 'exciting' makeover by stylist Law Roach.

Céline Dion is turning heads in France!

With the help of her new stylist, Law Roach, the 48-year-old singer has been the center of attention at Paris Haute Couture Week, marking her first appearance since 2007. In the middle of all the fashion chaos happening in the French capital, ET chatted with Dion about her ultra-chic makeover.

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"I have to say, it's pretty exciting," Dion, who has sported a progressive fashion sense for the majority of her three-decade career, told ET's Carly Steel. "Working with Law Roach is quite an experience to be honest with you."

Dion explained that ever since she started working with Roach, even her three sons -- René-Charles, 15, and twins Nelson and Eddy, 5 -- have taken note of her revamped style. The three boys all arrived in style, hopping off the plane in Paris in matching outfits.

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"[Roach] brought me out of my closet and now flowers are growing," she continued. "And even my kids, [they're like] 'We want a bow like this, we want a dress like this' -- my kids, even if they're boys, they're into fashion, they're into characters, everything they say they like, whether it's for a girl or a boy, they want it."

Roach chimed into the conversation, saying, "The most important thing is we've just been having fun."

"I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing that we're together now," he added. "For us, it's just dressing up. It's just [about] being a lady."

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Roach also styles Zendaya, who frequently turns up on best dressed lists, including our own. The two have been working together since Zendaya was only 14 years old, and since then, he's transformed her from a sweet Disney star to Hollywood's It girl. Roach has also styled Ariana Grande, Ruby Rose, Willow Shields and Skai Jackson.

"Do we know any girls in the world who don't really like to be jeweled or dressed up?" Dion shared. "I never met one. [Law's] worse than me -- which is a good thing -- [he] brings me the best of what the fashion industry can bring us."

Fashion aside, Dion couldn't stop gushing about the incredible support she's received from fans following the death of her husband and longtime manager, René Angélil, in January. He died at age 73 at his home in Henderson, Nevada, from a long battle with throat cancer.

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"I have to say that, coming here after the passing of my husband after not even 6 months, it could have been way easy for me to say, 'You know what, I'm not in the mood of dressing up and having the purse and seeing the fans and having a good time and singing, giving a part of your soul,'" she admitted. "But knowing that he loved the industry so much -- he made me who I am today since [I was] 12 years old -- I went back on stage before he passed, he wanted me to really be the artist I always wanted to be, and I knew that for a long time."

"I don't want to sound pretentious," Dion continued, "but I think beyond the music, I think I do have a relationship with my fans that are [pushing] me [along], saying, 'You know what, Celine?' They've been such supporters in my good days and my bad days."

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Whether she's performing onstage in Las Vegas as part of her residency at Caesar's Palace or belting out songs to a crowd on her current run of shows in Paris and Canada, she credits her fans for helping her get past life's struggles.

"They are so considerate for my happiness and my sadness, my good and bad moments, and they are [always] supporting me," she added. "The fans are supporting not only my music, but who I am. I've been criticized for being an open book for so long, but it's paying off today because they know me well."

In May, Dion detailed the moments leading up to her husband's final moments in a candid interview with Paris Match magazine.

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"Normally, after my show when he had taken his last medications, I gave him a kiss, tucked him in and sent him off to sleep," she revealed. "That evening I didn't want to wake him. It was the nurse who found him the next day. Distraught, she came to find me."

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