Chrissy Teigen Strips Down to Bra Made of Coconut Emojis on Snapchat


The new mom dared to bare on Snapchat.

Who needs a shirt when there are coconut emojis?! Chrissy Teigen had some fun while endorsing Vita Coco coconut oil on Wednesday. The supermodel took to Snapchat to promote the new product in a series of comical clips.

“Special delivery!” Teigen shouted in one clip. “Look what’s here, look what’s here,” before knocking over several jars of the product and laughing.


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She then fried eggs using coconut oil, buttered her toast with the oil, and gave her baby Luna a toe massage with the nutritious product.

The new mom then ditched her shirt for a pair of coconut emojis made to look like a bikini top, saying, “Vita Coco sent me 862 jars of coconut oil and one sexy bikini.”


Her English bulldog got in on the fun, sporting the same coconut top.

“My dogs and I share both Vita Coco and bikinis,” Teigen quipped.

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She also seemingly shaved her legs with the oil while wearing the emoji bra and enjoyed some coconut oil popcorn with her hunky hubby, John Legend.


But one popular practice she couldn’t get behind was oil pulling, in which you swish coconut oil around in your mouth to keep your teeth white and healthy. Teigen placed the oil in her mouth for a moment before immediately spitting it out and shouting, “Nope! Nope!”

The product does apparently have one good use for the mouth though. Teigen let her dog lick some, saying, “Coconut breath > dog breath.”