NSFW: Emily Ratajkowski Poses Completely Naked, Calls Out Double Standards for 'Sexual' Women Like Her and Kim

Emily Ratajkowski says there's a double standard when it comes to Kim Kardashian and Lena Dunham.

Emily Ratajkowski is completely comfortable with her body.

The 25-year-old model and actress posed nude for Harper's Bazaar's August issue, channeling Lady Godiva on a white horse. Ratajkowski gets candid about hitting puberty earlier than her peers in the accompanying Q & A with feminist author Naomi Wolf, as well as why she's been so adamant about defending Kim Kardashian and female sexuality.

Harper's Bazaar

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Ratajkowski says she started auditioning for acting roles when she was 15 years old, but felt she wasn't a fit for the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon parts available.

"I started auditioning when I was 15 for the Disney and iCarly roles, but I didn't relate to those characters," she says. "They were archetypes that those shows specifically play into for prepubescent girls, where it's like the b**chy cheerleader …"

"I genuinely hit puberty before everyone," she adds about signing a contract with Ford modeling agency when she was 14. "So, I really was more sexual than my classmates. My teachers, my boyfriends, my parents' friends didn't understand how complex it all was."

Ratajkowski says at a young age, she already felt body shamed for her womanly figure.

Harper's Bazaar

"Because of third-wave feminism, I understood that there are all these f**ked-up ideals of beauty put on young women; that there was something to be scared about in the entertainment world," she says. "But yet the people I knew in my everyday life, they [didn't realize] their faux pas, their missteps, and since they knew me it was that much harder because the comments felt personal."

"It was, like, something I became very used to," she adds. "I had a girlfriend who was Venezuelan, and her body developed in a different way. I had big boobs, and she had a big butt. She would wear jeans with no pockets that would show it off, and we were constantly in trouble at school with the dress code. We were harassed, and, damn, that was the worst part of it."

In March, the Gone Girl actress made headlines when she posed topless with Kim Kardashian with their middle fingers up, the two striking up a friendship after Ratajkowski defended the reality superstar against Piers Morgan over her controversial naked selfie.

"Kim is someone who could be criticized for a lot of different things about what she represents, but to me it was an important moment to say, 'Even this person who you could criticize for all these different things doesn't deserve this response, right?'" she explains about her passionate response. "The whole idea is that when Kim takes a nude selfie, she's just seeking attention. That's not the issue. A woman can be seeking attention and also make a statement. They don't need to be mutually exclusive."

Ratajkowski also says there's a double standard when different women take their clothes off.

"You know, when Lena Dunham takes her clothes off, she gets flack, but it's also considered brave; when Justin Bieber takes his shirt off, he's a grown-up. But when a woman who is sexual takes off her top, it plays into something," she says.

Though she quickly clarifies her comments after Wolf comments that "any women is sexual."

"Right, of course, but there is a distinction in the reaction between, for example, Kim taking off her shirt and Lena," she says. "It's not fair to either of them. … Any woman is sexual, absolutely."

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ET sat down with Ratajkowski in February to talk about her Super Bowl ad with Odell Beckham Jr., when she talked about her friendship with Kardashian and how she maintains her model figure. Watch below: