Preview Tina Fey's Hilarious Cameo on 'Difficult People' Season 2 With Broadway Star Andrea Martin

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While we can't be certain, we have a feeling executive producer Amy Poehler was responsible for getting Tina Fey to make a cameo on Hulu's comedy Difficult People, starring Billy Eichner as Billy Epstein and Julie Klausner as Julie Kessler. ET has a first look at Poehler's BFF making a hilarious cameo as a famous "writer and actor." 

In the clip, Tina introduces herself to Marilyn Kessler, Julie's mom, who is played by Broadway star Andrea Martin. She asks if she can use Marilyn's doorstep for James Spader to cry on for a scene she's directing for an upcoming episode of The Blacklist. While Marilyn has no interest in the show, she is quick to ask if Tina can do her a small favor and shoot her "video will."

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Too bad James has a 75-piece suit Tina has to approve and won't be able to keep that small favor. Or will she? This is Difficult People after all, and these characters are known to antagonize someone until they (mostly) get what they want.

Tina is just one of many celebrities set to appear in the Hulu series' cameo-heavy second season. Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dancing With the Stars champion Nyle DiMarco, Rachel Dratch, Fred Armisen and Nathan Lane all will have roles on the show, when it returns on July 12.

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Watch the hilarious trailer for season two below: