'Mr. Robot' Star Rami Malek Reveals Perks of Robert Downey Jr. Friendship: 'You Turned Me Into a Hero'

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Turns out, it's actually pretty easy to become friends with Robert Downey Jr.

All you have to do is land a role on one of the breakout shows of the year -- a show RDJ happens to love -- and be so good on it you also get a Golden Globe nom. That's what happened for Mr. Robot star Rami Malek, who is interviewed by Iron Man himself for Interview magazine, where they open up about their bromance.

"You turned me into a hero when you came to set," Malek revealed. "I'm not kidding. They were like, 'You know him?' 'How do you know him?' I knew it was very cool to know you, but the world started paying me more attention on that day on set."

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"Maybe I elaborated on our relationship too much and started fantasizing it was more than it actually was," the 35-year-old actor added. "No, I just told them how close we were and that we hang out, we celebrate holidays together, we watch movies together, all of which is true!"

While having the two-time Oscar nominee visit you on set has it perks, Malek admitted that it's also as intimidating as one would expect.

"Usually I look behind the monitor and it's Sam [Esmail, Mr. Robot creator] and Joe Schmo behind there," he said, before recalling, "Okay, film icon Robert Downey Jr., one of the greatest actors to have graced this planet, is watching the monitor as I deliver a slew of experimental takes before I get to one that might have possibly worked."

Malek then shared a funny anecdote about shooting a scene for the show a few weeks after Downey's visit, explaining, "I wanted one more desperately. [Esmail] goes, 'I was talking to Downey when he was on set.' He asked you, I think, how many takes usually work for you, and you said something like, 'The first one's pretty good. The second one's about perfecting it.' So, he looks at me and he goes, 'Well, you know, Downey only needs two takes.'"

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As for the aforementioned films the two watch together, turns out Robert Downey Jr. is having movie nights at his place?!

"Maybe we'll screen it together. It won't be as elaborate as your Star Wars screening," Malek casually mentioned while discussing his new film, Buster's Mal Heart, before disclaiming, "Am I supposed to talk about that? Or maybe not?"

Downey previously opened up about his love for Mr. Robot during his own profile in GQ in May.

"I am frothing at the thumb controls for the second season of Mr. Robot, which is probably the best thing that's been on TV or theater for five years," the 51-year-old actor said, declaring Malek as his favorite performance of the year. "He's the one right now. Everybody else should be studying this guy."

Meanwhile, Malek hilariously revealed that his mom was on a mission to meet Jon Hamm at the Golden Globes -- and was happy when the Mad Men actor beat her son! Check it out in the video below.