Watch Billy Eichner Attempt to Woo 'DWTS' Champ Nyle DiMarco on 'Difficult People'

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There's no question Nyle DiMarco, winner of America's Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars, is one sexy man. "He's funny and charming and incredibly attractive," Billy Eichner, who plays Billy Epstein on Difficult People, told The Insider at the New York premiere.

So, it should come as no surprise he guest stars on season two, when the Hulu series returns on July 12. In episode two, "Kessler Epstein Foundation," DiMarco plays an unsuspecting romantic interest for Billy, after he becomes determined to find love the next moment a suitable option walks through the door.

"I had nothing to do with casting him," Eichner admitted, "but I was so glad that he did it." DiMarco, who has also appeared on Switched at Birth, was cast before he won DWTSand Eichner plans to use it to their advantage. "We're going to milk that for all it's worth," he joked.

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However, DiMarco is not the only guest star adding sex appeal to the new season. Mark Consuelos and John Mulaney are among Billy's many suitors this season. "He gets lucky and then he manages to mess it up every single time," Eichner revealed.

Other guest stars this season on Difficult People include Tina Fey, Nathan Lane and Fred Armisen.