Erin Andrews' Stalker Will Still Have to Pay Damages Despite Declaring Bankruptcy

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A judge ruled on Monday that Michael David Barrett can't get around paying the damages Andrews was awarded back in March.

Filing for bankruptcy isn't going to save Erin Andrews' stalker, Michael David Barrett, from having to pay his portion of the $55 million that the Dancing With the Stars co-host was awarded in a civil suit back in March.

On Monday, Judge Trish Brown, who presides over the Oklahoma bankruptcy court, ruled that the damages awarded to the TV personality are "non-dischargeable," and cannot be forgiven by declaring bankruptcy, according to legal documents obtained by ET.

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The adjudication came in response to a motion filed by Andrews' attorneys seeking to prevent Barrett from shirking his financial responsibilities through a bankruptcy filing.

Barrett pleaded guilty in 2009 to secretly taping Andrews getting undressed through her hotel room's peephole, and posting the video online.

He was sentenced to two and a half years in prison and three years of probation for interstate stalking and ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2012, the year he was released from prison.

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In March, Barrett was ordered to pay 51 percent of the $55 million awarded to Andrews, while West End Hotel Partners, which owns the hotel where the clandestine videotaping took place, was ordered to pay the other 49 percent.

Andrews and West End Hotel Partners reportedly reached a settlement a month after she won her initial civil suit.

For more on the emotional lawsuit, check out the video below.