Watch Emma Stone and Maya Rudolph Perform 'Call Your Girlfriend' Using Butter Tubs


Just when we thought we'd never have to see a "Cups" cover again...

Emma Stone joined Maya Rudolph on her variety show, Maya & Marty -- think Saturday Night Live, but random-er! -- and the ladies performed an acoustic cover of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" while playing butter tubs. "Just two gals hanging out with butter tubs," Rudolph joked.

And you know what? It's a damn delight.

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Before we drop this second sketch, take a a journey with us: When the "all-female" Ghostbusters was announced way back when, Bill Murray suggested Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig for the cast, as well as Stone. The latter never came to pass, but in this Maya & Marty highlight, Kenan Thompson plays an office worker haunted by the ghosts of interns past. So, maybe this is what a Ghostbusters with Stone would have been like.

Well, if she was one of the ghosts who gets busted, anyway. Whatever, just watch it. It's funny.

As for why Stone passed on Ghostbusters, she previously said, "The script was really funny. It just didn't feel like the right time for me. A franchise is a big commitment -- it's a whole thing. I think maybe I need a minute before I dive back into that water."

Instead, she reteamed with Ryan Gosling for the musical La La Land. The dreamy teaser trailer for the film just dropped and you can check it out in the video below.