Watch Chris Pratt Fail to Impress Son Jack With His Donald Duck Pancake


Chris Pratt might be a superhero onscreen, but that doesn't mean he's immune to dad fails in real life.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star attempted to make his 3-year-old son, Jack, a cool (and accurate-looking) Donald Duck pancake, but epically crashed and burned.

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"dad /dad/ noun informal. One's father," Pratt wrote on Thursday morning alongside his Instagram video, which revealed the disastrous outcome of what was supposed to be the iconic Disney character.

"Verb 'Chris made a Donald Duck pancake that was basically a perfect photo copy of the picture he saw online and his son Jack refused to see the resemblance, probably out of spite or a deep seeded jealousy of his father's pancake skills, regardless Chris continued to dad,'" he added.

In the video, Jack isn't afraid to call his dad out on his poor shaping skills, but he does it gently – sort of.

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"It doesn't look like Donald Duck," Jack says when Pratt asks him what he thinks about the misshapen pancake, complete with strawberry eyes. "What do you mean?" Pratt responds.

"Daddy, look at it," Jack says, pointing to the oddly-shaped treat. He then looks back and forth between his breakfast and the camera as Pratt tries – and fails – to convince him that it is in fact Donald Duck.

"No, he doesn't," Jack says. "He doesn't have a tail. Where's his tail?" he asks.

Pratt claims, "It's just his head," but Jack doesn't give in.

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Fellow Marvel actor, Chris Hemsworth, on the other hand, gets major dad points for his success in the cooking department.

In May, his wife, Elsa Pataky, posted a photo of the Thor actor working hard in the kitchen to make a festive cake for their daughter, India. The cake was supposed to be in the shape of a green dinosaur and the Australian actor nailed it.

Pancake problems aside, see why Anna Faris is the luckiest lady around as Pratt gushes about her and her mom skills in the video below

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