Swag, Nannies and The Illuminati -- 5 Things We Learned About Chrissy Teigen During Her Twitter Q&A

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What happens to all of Chrissy Teigen’s swag bags? Is John Legend part of the Illuminati?

Teigen took some time out to answer fan questions on Twitter on Tuesday. “I'm here to be your c-list-married-to-Oscar-winner insider,” she hilariously wrote. While covering a range of entertaining topics, the 30-year-old model also shut down some haters. “F*** outta here,” she told a user, who accused her of running for “dumbest celebrity wife on Twitter.” <p>Here’s 5 things we learned about Teigen during the Q&A.

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She’s wary about how Luna will be affected by growing up in the limelight
Teigen’s well-aware of how growing up as the child of two celebrities could influence her adorable daughter Luna. When quizzed on how she thinks having famous parents will affect the three-month-old when she’s older, Teigen said, “While I want her to be wide-eyed and optimistic, I think she will be very cautious of people.”

Girl likes a drink!
How to make the most of endless awards show appearances? Booze it up! “How tense does it get at awards shows when the host makes an ill-conceived joke about a celeb who’s in the audience?” asked one fan.
Teigen’s response? “I dunno, I’m drunk.”
This might explain her hilarious (and instantly-memed) reaction shot from this year’s Oscars:

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She’s all for hiring a nanny
Asked if celebrities “depend” on nannies to care for their children, Teigen explained her own reasons for hiring childcare and pointed out that non-celebs hire nannies all the time, too.
“To help, is a better way to say it. And others, too. I dunno anyone that doesn't wanna take care of their kids.”

We want an invite to her girls nights
There’s no shortage of glitzy events and parties on Teigen’s calendar, so what does she do with all that swag? Unlike non-celebs, who eagerly scope out the contents immediately after leaving an event, it turns out Teigen doesn’t even take a glance inside sometimes.
“Don't look anymore,” she responded when asked what comes inside the bags. “Gets donated or brought out in drunken girl's night giveaways. 1 can only have so much lip balm.”

Sounds like Teigen throws the ultimate ladies night!
Can a girl really ever have enough lip balm, though?

She may or may not be in cahoots with the Illuminati
Legend has long been associated with the Illuminati, a supposed secret society made up of elite “world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet.”
Asked how many people she knew who are part of the organization, Teigen responded, “Zero. I thought when I married John he would have to tell me.”

In some fan’s minds, the response simply confirmed the couple’s involvement with the elite task force.

“Classic Illuminati answer. YOU'VE BEEN GROOMED,” responded one fan.

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See more of Teigen and Legend in the video below.

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