Meow! 'Katdashians! Break the Musical' Offers Clever Critique of Kardashians ...if They Were a Litter of Cats


Wait, isn't Kim Kardashian allergic to cats?

The claws definitely come out in Katdashians! Break the Musical.

The New York City production has generated a bit of buzz for satirically chronicling the Kardashian and Jenner family's rise to fame through their reality shows, endorsements and social media posts (selfies, mostly). The clever and, in some scenes, downright hilarious moments in the musical have even caught the attention of Cats creator Andrew Lloyd Webber, who threatened to sue the production for ripping off the music from his long-running show.

Katdashians quickly made changes to the performance, and, according to the show's writers, Bob and Tobly McSmith, the updated songs make the show even funnier.

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begins when Kendall Kat and Kylie Kat (Ariel Ash and Viva Soudan) are still kittens, Caitlyn Jenner -- or rather CATlyn -- (Peter Smith) is still going by Bruce, and Kim Kat (Carmen Mendoza) is the most famous of her family members. The musical also has Khloe Kat (Elliott Brooks) as the outspoken, vulgar feline, and Kourtney Kat (Bridget Kennedy) as the boring, monotone older sibling with a lot of kids. Kris Kat (Bailey Nolan) is the momager of the litter, and even the once-reclusive Rob Kat makes a cameo. The other men in the women's lives (Scott Disick, Lamar Odom and Corey Gamble) are represented, but not in the way audiences would expect. 

The musical pairs familiar songs with clever lyrics and capitalizes on the Kardashian-Jenner clan's "famous for being famous" reputation. Fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will most definitely be amused by the show's witty ways of showing how the family has changed over the years, but the reality stars themselves may not appreciate the unrelenting jokes at their expense -- though the musical's cast feels differently.

Tobly McSmith told ET that the show originated from the idea of doing a production centered around Caitlyn's transformation, and the fact that she chose to have her name start with a "C" instead of a "K."
Smith nails his performance of CATlyn, and said he feels
"empowered" by the role. "It's intense but it's fun," he shared. "I'm a
comedian too, so to do an impersonation of a trans person as a trans
person ...never in my wildest, godd*mn dreams did that seem fathomable."

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The rest of the Katdashians cast have also become quite taken with the Kardashian-Jenner clan since stepping into their roles.

"[Khloe] made it okay to be vulgar," Brooks (Khloe Kat) said. "I found the Khloe in my heart."

"We're celebrating them," Mendoza (Kim Kat), who happens to share Kim Kardashian's allergy to cats, further exclaimed.

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"I think they would actually really enjoy the show," Kennedy (Kourtney Kat) chimed in. "It's very tongue-in-cheek....They're strong, powerful women that kind of just created their own careers for themselves. It's really fun to have all of these strong, funny women on stage at once. I think that's so important and especially for theater or any artistic endeavor."

will be in NYC
until July 30 at the Elektra Theater.

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