Justin Timberlake Proves Just How Adorable He Can Be While Talking 'Trolls' at Comic-Con

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"You're Justin Timberlake. We're at Comic-Con."

So Anna Kendrick quipped when her Trolls co-star stuttered through an answer during the DreamWorks Animation panel on Thursday morning. But it's true: Hall H, the Con's biggest showroom, was pepped with brightly colored wigs as J.T. took the stage to mass applause.

"I was sold on [Trolls] when I found out Anna was in it," Timberlake explained of signing on to the flick. To which Kendrick brushed her hair back and joked, "I'm very famous."

"Then I got to know her a little bit and realized I'd already signed the contract," he quipped back. It was around this point that moderator Chris Hardwicke argued Justin Timberlake is Justin Timberlake and "could be a d*ck and get away with it."

"Well, now you've made me feel awkward," Timberlake blushed.

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Dreamworks Animation

While the singer's Trolls character, Branch, is -- as he puts it -- "cantankerous," Timberlake was all about the positive message of the movie, previewed on his hit track, "Cant' Stop the Feeling."

"I've never written a song like that," he told the crowd. "When I started writing the song, I was like, 'This actually makes me feel really good.'...It's nice to be a part of something that you can put out in the world that just makes people happy. There's no rhyme or reason, it just makes people unabashedly happy."

Kendrick, who plays Poppy, the queen of the trolls, has plenty to sing along to in the pic as well -- and she's bringing some body positivity to the big screen via a small, pink troll doll.

"We broke every princess rule in the book for this one," producer Gina Shay explained. "We kept the troll shapes round, shoeless. My daughter's 11. She has a really powerful mind and I'd rather have her using it to be imaginative, instead of obsessing in the mirror. Because all girls are beautiful."

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Now, the early verdict on Trolls: It's AH-DOR-ABLE. Hall H was treated to 20 minutes of exclusive footage from the film, filled with bouncing, jubilant music and plenty of laughs.

Co-directors Mike Mitchell (Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and Shrek Forever After) and Walt Dohrn (SpongeBob SquarePants) laid out the basic premise of the film: there's trolls, who are happy all the time -- "they sing songs about singing!" -- and Bergens, giant, depressed monsters who feel a brief moment of happiness...when they eat a troll.

"We imagine the trolls taste like a cupcake wrapped in bacon," Mitchell cracked.

hits theaters on Nov. 4, 2016.

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