EXCLUSIVE: 'Luke Cage' Star Mike Colter Promises Satisfying Origin Story at Comic-Con 2016: 'You'll See Why'

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We're pretty fired up over Luke Cage!.

The cast of Marvel's highly anticipated new Netflix series, including Mike Colter -- the show's eponymous hero whom we met in the first season of Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix -- joined ET's Leanne Aguilera for a Facebook Live chat, where he assured us that fans of his character will not be disappointed with his origin story.

"I think they did a great job," the 39-year-old actor teased. "It was a very difficult shoot... you'll see why."

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There's one episode in particular that the man with unbreakable skin wanted us to get ready for.

"I'm excited about a certain episode that really delves into that origin story," Colter added. "I think the fans will be happy with it ... We pay homage to some stuff from the past."

And, we haaad to ask -- will we be seeing Luke's former flame, Jessica Jones, in his bar this year??

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"I don't know, is she on the list?" Colter hilariously responded. "I don't know if she can get in."

Then, after all the hero talk, the cast went into our exclusive superhero photobooth, where the whole cast (somehow!) fit, and got to have their very own plastic-wrapped, action figure experience.

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That's a good looking team!

Luke Cage's highly anticipated first season is set to drop on Sept. 30 on Netflix.

Watch for the video below for more of what Colter has to say about the series.

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