Chrissy Teigen Defends Her Eating Habits on Twitter: 'I Feel Like Even Potato Chips Can be Considered Clean'

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Another day, another Chrissy Teigen Twitter revelation.

The 30-year-old model, currently on vacation with husband John Legend and their newborn daughter Luna, had a busier Friday morning than expected -- thanks to a lively conversation on clean eating.

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It all started when Teigen posted a little Twitter poll asking what her next cookbook should cover.

When one follower asked the new mom why she didn't share her dieting secrets, Teigen responded with an unassuming, "I dunno. I've always had an issue with the word diet. I like 'eating light' or clean eating…I dunno why!"

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But commentary from other users forced the Lip Sync Battle host to clarify her earlier comments. "Ok everyone relax, I'm not a nutritionist," she said. "by clean I mean 'not velveeta.'"

"Clean, to me, is something without 1000 ingredients. With words I can pronounce. I didn't mean to be #PROBLEMATIC," she added, trying to stomp out the unexpected Twitter attack.

But our favorite line of Teigen's defense came with this glorious after-thought: "I feel like even potato chips can be considered clean," she wrote. "Olive oil and sea salt, baked? No? oh well."

And of course Chrissy Teigen wouldn't be Chrissy Teigen without a little Velveeta, so the model took back her diss at the creamy cheese -- and plugged current cook book. "Also, everyone who has read Cravings knows I love velveeta. Balance, balance, balance," she concluded.

Shortly after her Twitter war, it seems Teigen was able to relax and get back to enjoying her family vacation, posting a clever photo to her Instagram.

Twitter trolls, anybody?

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See more from Teigen's European getaway in the video below.