Ariana Grande Embraces Change With 'Banginnnnn' New Hairstyle

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Ariana Grande's got a brand new 'do!

The "Dangerous Woman" singer shared a cute pic to Instagram on Saturday, showing off a new hairstyle -- bangs!

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Ariana rocked an oversized t-shirt with the words "The Future" printed on it and a black chocker necklace for her selfie.

Earlier in the day, she teased snaps of her new look, sharing a very dark selfie -- where she's giving a knowing wink -- and a full-length mirror selfie, but her face is covered by her phone. The fresh fringe can be seen peeking out in both, however.

The 23-year-old singer tweeted about the big change as well, writing, "Change. feelin free. happy. Banginnnnnnn." She deleted that post, however, and shared three more NSFW tweets instead, all which were similar to a couple original posts and still appeared to be about her 'do.

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"Life is wild," she wrote. "And change is f**king fantastic. why do y'all always gotta be right about everything. I love you. ty for loving me and caring and having my best interest at heart. I love u."

We agree, Ariana, change is fantastic -- and looks good on you!

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