Tom Hiddleston Hits Comic-Con Without Taylor Swift, Can't Stop Smiling the Entire Weekend Anyway

Tom Wins Comic-Con!

No Taylor Swift? No problem!

Tom Hiddleston made the rounds at Comic-Con solo, but that didn't stop the British actor from being super adorable all weekend long.

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Just look at how freaking happy he was with his Kong: Skull Island co-stars on Saturday!

That is one seriously chuffed chap!

Then he arrived on stage for the Kong panel to a standing ovation from the San Diego, California, crowd. What exactly he did to earn this honor, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking (to borrow a Zoolander phrase)? We're not sure. But who cares? Not Tom, that's for sure!

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After the panel, ET's Kevin Frazier caught up with the man himself to see how the con had been treating him.

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"It's been great, man. Real good fun," the 35-year-old actor said. But was his famous (no pun intended) girlfriend, Taylor Swift, there to participated in the fun, too? In the words of the man who puts the Hiddle in Hiddleswift: "[I'm] just on my own."

The day went from high point to higher point, as Hiddleston got to hang with another of his Kong co-stars, John Goodman, during interviews. When Goodman started shaking what the good Lord gave him, Hiddleston looked on with what we can only imagine was an all-encompassing feeling of satisfaction in his life choices.


So how did Taylor spend time away from Tom? Apparently with a major workout sesh at a gym in West Hollwood, California, on Saturday.

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As much as the power couple might have had fun apart, we're guessing they were even more excited to spend time back together again. Check out how happy Hiddleston looks in this photo from Sunday morning -- while getting in to a car driven by Taylor's driver, no less.


See more of Tom being the perfect boyfriend on a wine-and-takeout run during the couple's recent time in Australia in the video below.