EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelorette' Finalists Luke and Chase Talk Their Shocking Exits: Why Chase Might Not Be Over JoJo

JoJo Fletcher sent both Luke and Chase home in Monday night's episode.

Luke Pell was sent home on Monday night's The Bachelorette with a look on his face like we have never seen before on the show! Luke didn't simply seem like he'd been broken up with outside of an airport hangar (which, trust us, is bad enough.) No, the Texas native's eyes were those of a man who'd been dumped, then discovered his dog was run over by a truck, then found out his own truck had been stolen and that it was the truck that killed his dog. This. Was. That. Bad.

I talked to him on July 16 at the Men Tell All taping in Los Angeles, where he relived the moment. "[It was] just the uttermost disbelief I've ever had in my life," Pell said. "Especially in a relationship. Every day prior to that JoJo and I were just growing closer and closer and closer, and that was just following her meeting my family … so it really was a shock for me to go through that that night. I think my face said it all."

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But believe it or not -- Luke's exit was topped by Chase McNary's fantasy suite situation Unfortunately for Chase, he was given a key -- but never got through the hotel room door. Outside, McNary confessed to Fletcher that he loved her, and she immediately sent him packing! "My initial reaction was shock and despair," he said. "I just didn't know why you would give me the fantasy suite and then send me home. I mean, it just doesn't make sense."

Fletcher told me her side of things: "It was tough for me too," she said. "I remember that moment -- I was crazy about Chase … I was so hopeful for what could have happened, and I wanted to spend that time with him in his suite. When he told me that he loved me ... something in me felt I knew no matter how much time we spent together that night, that wouldn't amount to what my feelings were for the other guys. So I did what I thought was best and what I thought, long term, would be better for both of us."

Still, McNary might not be over the relationship. When asked who he thinks Fletcher will choose in the finale, Jordan Rodgers or Robby Hayes, he told me: "I think they're both quality guys … and I also honor JoJo's decision-making skills … if I had to choose I would choose me!"

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McNary did get a chance at closure with Fletcher during Men Tell All -- watch our exclusive preview below! Men Tell All airs Tuesday, July 26 on ABC. Watch our interview with Luke Pell on his crazy exit below!

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