Mila Kunis Reveals If Ashton Kutcher Is a 'Beer Can or Carrot Stick' on 'Late Late Show'

But see which question forced her to eat a cow's tongue instead!

How far will you go to keep your secrets? That’s what James Corden tried to test on actresses Mila Kunis and Christina Applegate during Monday night’s episode of The Late Late Show with his new game: “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.”

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The gross-out game involved a revolving wheel of nasty foods and liquids like clam juice, soy sauce and mayonnaise, calf brains, and cow’s tongue. If the person did not want to answer their question, they had to eat or drink one of these.

Kunis started off strong, choosing to answer Corden’s question: “Ashton Kutcher – Carrot stick or beer can?”

The Bad Moms star bypassed the clam juice and answered “carrot stick,” but it turns out she was confused by the options, thinking a beer can was “short and stubby,” but Corden quickly corrected her and Kunis changed her answer.

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“Like a Guinness!” she said of the tall, thick can.

There were a few soft ball questions after that, but Kunis was forced to eat a cow’s tongue when asked what her box office flop Jupiter Ascending was about and why she chose to do it. Corden also had to eat calf’s brains when asked who his least favorite “Carpool Karaoke” singer was.