Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Burst Out Laughing at Couples Therapy

It seems the at-odds stars will do anything to make their friendship work.

Matt Damon
and Jimmy Kimmel are trying to fix their relationship! The action star and the late night host have had a contentious friendship over the years, but on Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, they took additional steps to mending fences.

“The actor Matt Damon and I have issues,” Kimmel told his laughing audience. “We do not have a good relationship. He’s been particularly difficult lately because he has a big movie coming out on Friday, Jason Bourne. So we did this once before -- we went to therapy together. It didn’t go very well, but we decided to try again. Apparently you have to go to therapy more than once for it to work.”

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In the skit, the estranged pals met up for couples counseling, and Kimmel placed a stack of pillows in between them for his own safety.

When the therapist asked why they had decided to go to the session, Kimmel quipped, “It’s court-ordered.”

The late night host went on to cite several instances in which Damon had stalked him, hiding out at his work. He even mentioned when Damon attached himself to bestie Ben Affleck to sneak onto the set during this past awards season.

“I feel bat-betrayed by Batman,” Kimmel said.

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Damon, on the other hand, insisted that he had just been trying to get a spot on the show.

“There’s thousands and thousands of evenings that I’ve been just about to go on,” he said, noting that Kimmel always runs out of time.

The Oscar winner also slammed Kimmel for not supporting his “Honk If You’re Bourney” bumper sticker idea.

The therapy session then went off the rails, when the counselor asked the pair to draw their feelings. Damon drew a picture of Kimmel with a butt for a head. And when Kimmel turned his drawing around to reveal a giant … err… man part, the pair burst into giggles and couldn’t stop.

As Damon continued laughing, Kimmel declared, “I think we’re done.”

For more on Damon and Kimmel’s longtime friendship issues, watch below: